How to choose the right camping chair

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Posted by FridayCamp from the Business category at 18 Jul 2022 10:04:43 am.
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Now that camping chairs have become the standard for professional camping, a suitable camping chair will make your camping life a lot more comfortable, so for beginners, how to choose a camping chair? What parameters should I look for when buying? Let's talk about it today.

The selection of outdoor chairs generally mainly depends on two aspects, material, and folding method.

Camping Chair

There are three main places for camping chairs to choose from different materials, brackets, cushions, footpads, and link points. The most common materials for the bracket are iron, steel pipe, aluminum alloy, etc. No matter which material is selected, it is generally treated with anti-corrosion.

Perhaps you may have heard that aluminum alloys are relatively light. In fact, this depends on the size of the camping chair and the amount of bracket material used. If the aluminum alloy camping chair is relatively large, the weight is not light.

The material selection of the bracket has a certain influence on the load-bearing. The load-bearing of the iron bracket is slightly worse, the steel tube is medium, and the aluminum alloy is the best. When you choose, you must decide which kind of bracket to choose according to your own weight. At present, the cushions of outdoor camping chairs are generally oxford cloth, mesh cloth, oxford cloth + mesh cloth. Generally speaking, the mesh is more breathable in summer, but in any case, the mainstream material in oxford. The materials for the footpads and link points are generally rubber, plastic, etc.

Folding method
At present, there are two ways of folding camping chairs, one is simple and the other is more troublesome.

Let’s talk about the simple first. In fact, it is straightforward to open and fold. It can be completed in 1 second. When storing, squeeze the four feet in the middle, immediately fold it together, and then put it in the storage bag and pack it away.

The second one is more cumbersome, a bit like the design style of a tent. It is a bracket spliced together by the bracket rods of the short sections, and then the seat cushion is hung on the bracket. Although it is spliced, it is not a scattered part. There is an elastic cord inside the bracket rod, so whether it is stored or opened, it is quite simple. The good thing is that these camping chairs are generally very portable and miniature when folded.

In addition to the folding method and material selection, there are two very important purchase factors, one is the appearance design, and the other is the comfort of use. Generally speaking, the more comfortable the camping chair is, the larger it is. The nicer-looking camping chairs tend to be slightly more expensive.

If it is self-driving camping, then when choosing a camping chair, comfort must be the priority. If you are a backpacker enthusiast, when buying a camping chair, the priority is to be lightweight, and the lighter the better, so that it will not be too heavy in the backpack. This type of camping chair is generally foldable, made of aluminum alloy, and the carrying volume is very small.

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