The developer is aiming at the Gielinor world as well as RuneScape

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The developer is aiming at the Gielinor world as well as RuneScape with plans to release the board game and an RPG book for tabletop gaming in the coming year. The two RPG adaptations will feature many of the most loved characters and locations, which will allow a group with up to five players to compete against classic quests that are part of RuneScape with the adventure in The world of Gielinor to the home of Gielinor.

Players will be able to craft and upgrade equipment, interact with NPCs, and take on numerous side quests which are inspired by the original MMORPG. The board game will be launched by means of an Kickstarter campaign later this year, while the tabletop RPG book is expected to debut in stores.

The book that is the core for tabletop RPGs will be notably compatible with the massive tabletop RPG Dungeons and Dragons five edition of the core books, allowing the dungeon masters to seamlessly incorporate elements from RuneScape into their games.

Jagex Director of Operations Phil Mansell was optimistic about this project, sharing his enthusiasm regarding Kickstarter. He expressed his excitement over the Kickstarter idea "involving those from RuneScape community," however Steamforged CCO Mat Hart believed the "rich RuneScape universe will translate beautifully" into a tabletop setting.

RuneScape has seen a significant expansion from its original browser-based roots over the past few years, with Steamforged's board games being the most recent offering from Jagex. In an interview, numerous Jagex employees discussed the possibility of transforming the mobile version of RuneScape into an open-source release in September, the game was launched.

Jagex partnered with the creator of the popular Old School RuneScape mod RuneLite HD to provide the HD version accessible to all players. Steamforged's new board game will offer the fans of RuneScape a second opportunity to explore this world Gielinor and to create their own adventures.
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