European Lost Ark players have been facing extremely

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None of this is to say it is true that Lost Ark is perfect. Its endgame is a fairly difficult grind, and its microtransactions are questionable at best, and none of this is a problem if its shaky servers keep you in endless queues. However, I do not think about all of that when battling monsters in my favorite class is this fun. Since you're spending about 90 percent of your time playing just this it makes Lost Ark an easy game to get into.

Power creep can be a risk to so many games, especially competitive ones such as Hearthstone. What makes power creep... desirable? Games such as Risk of Rain, Vampire Survivors, and Hades make use of power creep to build up players and make them feel like an immortal... till they finally threw you to the bottom of the sea.

European Lost Ark players have been facing extremely lengthy queue times since the game's launch but it appears like capacity on servers hasn't increased.

Lost Ark was made available to players from North America and Europe on February 11, and ever since the time it was released, European players have battled to join the game due to its congested servers. Lost Ark's developer, Smilegate has now acknowledged that there won't be a solution to this issue any time soon.

Lost Ark's North American and European launch was not a smooth experience. This prompted Amazon to give players three Free days with Crystalline Aura, which give plays 7,000 free experience per minute, as well as a pet that repairs and store items, and allow players to replenish the Life Energy 10 percent faster than usual, in addition to other features. While Amazon has kept its word, Lost Ark players in Europe have been experiencing unacceptably long queue times for joining servers.

In an effort to fix this issue, Amazon and Smilegate introduced an Europe West Region. The issue, however, is the issue that the game doesn't offer players the ability to transfer their progress to a different server. This means that if players would like to join a lesser-populated server, they will have to start from scratch it is a daunting job for an MMORPG as extensive as Lost Ark. The official Twitter page of the game further stated that increasing the server's capacity is not possible , and adding additional servers is also not likely because of the complexity of the game's system.

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