The most significant feature being introduced to Madden NFL 23

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Posted by anqilan456 from the Agriculture category at 14 Jul 2022 06:39:47 am.
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Underneath this FieldSENSE definition, there's a separate system that is known as "Hit Everywhere." This new physics-based feature will be able to track the specific movements of an individual player and pinpoint the exact area on the body that has been hit during an accident. This may result in more realistic character animations following an accident, with the player reacting a way that's natural for the way it will appear during a game of football. For instance, if the player is hit in the shoulder, they'll probably slide sideways, and then roll in a specific way determined by the location of the impact.

A "Skill-Based passing" system will also come as part of the FieldSENSE new mechanic. According to EA the passing system uses the latest Physics system that makes throwing and catching animations appear more realistic as well. With Skill-Based passing enabled it will allow players to use a new accuracy reticle and power meter to make accurate and powerful throws. To top it off, this new technology will let players have greater control of their movements when they are holding the ball. Players will be capable of making 360 cuts, turning on the spot to avoid incoming tackles. However, players are able to keep the traditional version of passing forward, which requires just one button needs press to initiate an automatic pass towards a teammate.

While FieldSENSE is definitely the most significant feature being introduced to Madden NFL 23. it will only be available on future-generation versions. In addition, this year's entry is also bringing certain technical enhancements. A large portion of Madden NFL 23's players are getting re-scanned to ensure the models of their characters are up-to-date as well as a couple of well-known coaches. The camera angles in the end-zone are being adjusted, making the gameplay in this area more cinematic. In addition, players will need to wait to find out what the game will bring to the table at the time of its release.
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