The entire Mokoko Seed locations in Glass Lotus Lake

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Asmongold is hoping that his latest Twitch message will be received by Amazon publishers and keep Lost Ark from seeing an abrupt decline into obscurity.Every Mokoko Seed locations in Glass Lotus Lake in Lost ArkThere are many benefits when you collect Mokoko seeds in Lost Ark, and one of it is the possibility of earning a variety of rewards. Also, it's a full journey in itself since there are seeds available in pretty much every map you'll wander into within the game.

There are more than 1000 Mokoko seeds to get in the game and Rohendel is home to 70 of them. The seeds that are hidden in Glass Lotus Lake, similar to other maps within the region, require you to travel according to specific conditions before being taken. Here's the location of every Mokoko seeds found in Glass Lotus Lake and how to find them.

The entire Mokoko Seed locations in Glass Lotus LakeOn this map it is possible to gather five seeds out of nine seeds without meeting any particular requirements. They are indicated in the above map with red squares. They're pretty easy to find in the environment. The others aren't likely to be readily accessible in your first trip to the area.

Several Mokoko seeds, similar to other maps within the region, require players to play to the Song of Eternity near them to unveil their location. This song is a reward for finishing over 60 percent of the Rohendel's Adventurer's Tome, which will require some effort. But a friend of yours could also sing the song to reveal its location for you.The same can be said about the Mokoko seeds, which are situated under the Lotus Habitat landmark and the one to one of the South on the map.

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