What next if you get rejected at the interview, by the company?

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Posted by Impacteers Club from the Careers category at 01 Jul 2022 09:40:39 am.
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You may have been well prepared for the interview and thought it went well, however, the end result was far from what you anticipated. Of course, this can be demotivating.

If you receive a rejection email, keep the following tips in mind to stay positive, optimistic, and motivated.

Don’t take it personally

It's all too easy to take rejection personally and blame your skills or interview technique for not getting the job. Don't put too much stock in your rejection; these decisions are rarely made solely based on your performance. Many of the reasons for hiring decisions will be hidden from you. You may have performed admirably, but there may have been other factors at work. For example, there could have been a strong internal candidate who is already familiar with the company, or another candidate with slightly more relevant experience than you. These are things you can't change; they're out of your hands.

Rejection is not considered feedback.

Don't just assume that because you didn't get the job, everything you're doing is wrong. It is perfectly acceptable to politely request more detailed feedback on your interview from the recruiter or employer in order to help you improve. However, keep in mind that interview feedback can be bland and unhelpful at times, so seek out other genuinely useful feedback whenever possible. You could seek the advice of an HR professional and conduct a mock interview to practice and receive constructive feedback.

A novel approach

Do not bring interview baggage with you. Approach each new job opportunity with a positive attitude and a fresh perspective. Customize your CV to match a new opportunity, and thoroughly research and prepare for a new interview. If you made mistakes or felt unprepared in your previous interview, learn from it, but don't dwell on it; it will only make you nervous. Every company and hiring manager is unique, and each has a different definition of the 'ideal candidate. Maintain a fresh perspective while staying true to your personality and experience.

Continue to learn and grow.

When you receive a rejection, your confidence can suffer, so it is critical to work hard to maintain your morale and motivation. It is especially important to keep your skills sharp and your experience up to date if you are not currently employed. This could be a part-time training course (if applicable), a charity project, mentorship, or a volunteer position in an interesting company. You can also learn from experiences of peers when you join a community like impacteers.club. While these activities may take place remotely in the current landscape, staying professionally active in this way can help with ongoing development, boost confidence, give yourself a focus outside of your job search, and provide a topic for discussion in your next interview.
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