A guide on how to prepare for the first-time interview

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Posted by Impacteers Club from the Careers category at 01 Jul 2022 09:38:19 am.
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A guide on how to prepare for the first-time interview

Your success in a job interview depends a great deal on how you prepare for it. Interview preparation primarily involves researching the job and the company and thoughtfully considering your answers to the interview questions. In addition to pre-interview preparation, there are certain aspects you should prepare for during and after the interview

Pre-Interview Preparation:

1. Review the job description

Read the job description to thoroughly understand how the employer has described the position and the type of candidate they are looking for. Carefully review the keywords and key phrases the employer uses to describe their expectations. The more you can align your skills and qualifications with the job description, the better chances you stand to impress the interviewer.

2. Research the organization

You’ll already know the basics from your research ahead of submitting your application, but now is the time to delve a bit deeper. What are their current projects? Have they been in the news? Who are their clients? Who will be interviewing you? Check out the organisation’s website, newspapers, or social media for this information. Showing you know what the organisation is up to will look good to your interviewers

3. Prepare a list of expected interview questions

Make a list of common interview questions for the given position and frame thoughtful answers.

Tell me about yourself.

Why are you looking for a job change?

Why do you want this job?

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

What motivates you?

Where do you see yourself in five years?

4. Practice mock interviews

No matter how well you prepare, it is natural to feel anxious and overwhelmed at the time of the interview. Mock interviews can be a great help in this regard. They can create a real interview-like environment and help boost your confidence. Ask your friends or family to conduct a mock interview for you. Consider recording the entire process to analyse your performance.

5. Organise your documents

You may have applied using a digital copy of your CV, but it always helps to keep hard copies of all your documents with you, just in case the interviewer needs them for easy access. Take a printout of your resume and cover letter. Put all the important documents including your mark sheets, certificates, ID proofs and photographs in a folder.

6. Update your social media profile

If you are on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform, make sure you have an updated profile. Employers often check your social media presence to get an idea about your personality and background. Search for your name in Google to see what results turn up. If there is anything unpleasant, prepare yourself for a response if the interviewer asks about it

7. Decide on your interview dress

Choose a formal dress that you would be wearing for the interview. Make sure the clothes are clean and wrinkle-free. If you plan to spray deodorant or perfume, make sure it is mild. Overall, plan for a neat and clean look with well-cut hair and shaved or trimmed beard.

Follow these steps to prepare for a job interview when you are at the interview venue:

1. Reach the location early

Reach the venue a few minutes before the schedule. It will give you some time to rest and relax. If it is a far-off location from your place and the journey has been tiring, you can use the extra time at hand to drink water, use the washroom or freshen yourself up. Reaching early helps reduce anxiety and gives time to mentally prepare for the interview.

2. Be polite

The way you hold yourself in the office tells a lot about you. Many companies use CCTV footage to analyse your personality. Sit patiently in a good posture while waiting for your turn.

3. Be mindful of your body language

Be firm and confident while speaking to the interviewer. You can start practising it the very moment you enter the company. Be mindful of your body language while interacting with the receptionist or HR executive. Pay attention to how you smile and greet them.

4. Ask thoughtful questions to the interviewer

Most interviewers would give you an opportunity to clarify your doubts and queries. Make mental notes during the interview to ask pertinent questions to the interviewer. If you have any doubts regarding the position, company or any other issue, you can get them clarified towards the end of the interview.
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