Stress-free tips for moving

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Posted by KThompson920 from the Finance category at 30 Jun 2022 07:56:02 pm.
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Summer is the most popular season to move house. Weather is more co-operative, days are longer and you can connect with your new community before it quiets down for the winter. Plus, kids can settle in in time for the school year.
That said, moving can have its challenges in any season, so here are some quick tips to help:

Don’t wait
It’s never too early to plan your move once you know the date. Start decluttering right away so you’ll have less to pack, and be sure to promptly secure people and vehicles to help – whether that’s confirming the date for your buddy’s truck or booking a team of professionals.

Fuel up
Moving day can be so busy that it’s easy to forget to pause for meals. But you know it’s important to eat so you can keep up your strength and stay hydrated. This is especially important on hot summer days when the risk of heat stroke is highest.

Dress right
All the bending and lifting you’ll be doing on moving day can put a real strain on your body, so proper clothes and well-fitting, supportive shoes are crucial. A pair of insoles like Dr. Scholl’s Tri-Comfort Insoles or Custom Fit Orthotics can provide the cushioning and support you need to move all day pain free.
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