Digital Frame Brings Families Together

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Posted by peter88 from the Family category at 20 Dec 2018 08:46:24 am.
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Today's social media platforms allow most people to stay constantly connected to family and friends, but the elderly, military, or loved ones in other time zones may not have the access or ability to use social media.

An interactive digital photo frame such as Skylight Frame helps families stay connected when other social media options are difficult.

For example, this solution has brought joy to a young boy who is being treated for a brain tumor and has to spend long periods of time away from home at the hospital. He now receives photos from his classmates back home through Skylight Frame.

"This little boy is one brave kid. He has been through so much and anything that can brighten his day is a winner in my book," says the boy's cousin, who rallied friends to purchase the frame. "Skylight Frame has been a way for friends all over to share some love," she says.

Each Skylight has its own unique email address where friends and family can send photos to - and they appear on the frame in seconds!

The key benefits of Skylight digital frame are ease of use and interactive features. Just plug in the frame and tap the screen to log in to WiFi and email photos to it! A visual notification appears when new photos arrive. In addition, users can tap a Heart button to thank senders or show they especially liked a particular photo.

Skylight's Plus plan also allows you to send videos to the frame, add captions to photos, and manage it all from its mobile app and cloud portal. This makes it easy for anyone to gift it to an older loved one, and then manage the frame remotely.

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