There was speculation that Porzingis was not happy

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However, Dwyane Wade's 97 feels somewhat low considering who is he. Wade is widely regarded as to be one of the top three basketball players in the history of the league following Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. With their 99 and 98 ratings, in addition, Wade at 97 seems to be a decent score. But, it puts him to the likes of Walt Frazier and Steve Nash although they are great, aren't quite in Wade's league.

In terms of his talent and abilities, Kristaps Porzingis is a real "unicorn" because his body and court skills are extremely rare. He is 7'3" however he can shoot like a guard and control the ball, while blocking many shots. The problem is that it hasn't been working well for his career in Dallas lately.

There was speculation that Porzingis was not happy over Luka Don?i? dominating the ball , but this is what Dallas requires to be successful. When Luka was having a fantastic Playoff series with the Clippers, Porzingis basically disappeared. His numbers fell all over the board, with his numbers dropping between 20.1ppg from 20.1ppg to 13.1 and also from 8.9rpg up to 5.4.

Everyone knows the fact that Andre Drummond is not at the highest level anymore however that doesn't mean that he didn't fall off hard enough to be near the lowest of the league's starter big players. Drummond may not be able to lead the league in rebounding , but still managed to score 12 points per game.

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