Tips for designing a perfectly embroidered logo on your cap

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Posted by capbargain from the Fashion/Accessories category at 17 Jun 2022 12:21:41 pm.
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Tips for designing great cap embroidery designs

Embroidery is one of the most popular decoration methods in which the design is sewn directly onto the cap. Embroidery can be of two types - 3D or flat.

In flat embroidery, the decorative stitch is made directly onto the hat.
In 3D embroidery, a foam is placed on the hat, and stitches are made over it to create a 3d effect.

Here is how the same design looks in flat and 3D embroidery.

However, when it comes to caps & hats, their curved shape presents a few unique challenges to aspects of the embroidery design. Most of these can be solved with proper designing.

There are mainly four things you should keep in mind when creating an embroidery design for caps - Design Complexity, Design Size, Text Size, and Colors & gradients. Let’s take a quick look at each of them.

Design Complexity
Embroidery is not the best decoration method for complex designs or logos, especially in the case of hats. As intricate patterns, small texts, and minute details in the design could become indistinguishable when rendered, it is recommended to keep your designs simple. And in the case of 3D embroidery, it is best to stick to simple designs like initials or monograms.
Here is how a moderately complicated design can be simplified.

Design size

Limit the height of your cap embroidery designs to 2.25 inches. This is a reliable measure that works smoothly for most caps and machines. And the width of 4.5 inches is recommended as standard across the industry.

Size of design text
Use a minimum height of 0.2 inches for uppercase texts in your design. When mixing upper and lowercase text, keep the height of uppercase letters to a minimum of 0.25 inches to avoid cramping.

Design colors and gradients
As embroidery cannot faithfully reproduce designs with lots of colors or color gradients, you will need to simplify your logo before embroidering it. Here is an example.

To learn more effective tips for creating a perfect cap embroidery design, check out CapBargain’s blog “Tips for designing a perfectly embroidered logo on your cap” at
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