How to run a Promotional Giveaway Campaign

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Posted by capbargain from the Agriculture category at 17 Jun 2022 12:21:07 pm.
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How to run a Promotional Giveaway Campaign

The impact of giveaway campaigns

Giveaways on Instagram and other social media platforms are incredibly efficient in boosting brand reach and growing your business. Here are a few areas where giveaways can help you grow your business -

Generates organic inquiries
Improves product exposure
Increases your social media followers
Encourages customer interactions
Expands your customer base

But how do you run a promotional giveaway campaign? Here is a simple seven-step formula for doing it successfully.

Define your goals
Set clear goals of what you want to gain from the giveaway. It could be anything from boosting brand reach to generating sales or increasing your social media following. Shape your entire campaign in a way that facilitates these goals.
2. Center your campaign around a theme.
Giveaway campaigns get the most attention when they are set in a context or theme. But you can also tap into topics that are trending at the moment. Building your campaign around a popular event allows you to use appropriate hashtags and gives you a higher likelihood of reaching more people.
3. Set the rules
Whether it is a sweepstake or a contest, you need to establish clear and unambiguous rules. The rules should cover topics like who is eligible to participate, the date and time of launch, the method of picking the winner, and so on.

4. Choose the right products
Attractive prices motivate more people to participate in your contest. Giving away something people would love to own will get more people interested in the contest.
5. Choose the right platforms

YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest - there are a lot of platforms where you can run an online giveaway. If you have a presence on more than one website, it is best to run a different contest on each.
6. Build the hype to promote Your Giveaway

Use everything at your disposal to spread the word about the giveaway even before it is launched. Aim for lasting hype, so that the giveaway not only brings you more user interaction but also strengthens your brand’s image.
7. Track Your Results
Tracking your results is important for evaluating the success of your giveaway campaign. Some of the performance indicators you should consider are engagement rate, social media count, organic traffic to your website, increase in sales, and so on

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