Newer Challenges in the Apparel Industry

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Posted by capbargain from the Fashion/Accessories category at 17 Jun 2022 12:20:28 pm.
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Newer Challenges in the Apparel Industry

The Covid19 pandemic has initiated a new set of challenges, practices, and trends in the apparel industry. Here is a quick look into a few of them and what you can do about them.

Today the consumers want an integrated system that offers them a seamless experience. This is essentially providing your buyers with a seamless shopping experience by integrating brick-and-mortar stores to their online counterparts, through websites and mobile applications. This includes doing many things that improve online shopping experiences while integrating with the offline store. Some examples are

Creating an online presence - Establishing an online presence through a website has become a benchmark for credibility of brands. It also makes your services easy to find through internet searches. Along the same lines, consistent interactions with the customers through Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and other online platforms help you evolve as a brand.

Enabling user reviews- Around nine out of ten customers actively look for reviews before choosing a store or a product. And about 62 percent of consumers are reluctant to shop from websites that lack reviews. Besides, giving voice to your customers through reviews is one of the best testimonies of the quality of your products.

Create a feature-rich online experience - For a seamless experience, almost everything the customer could do offline should be available online. To this end, your website must have product images, descriptions, comparisons, and other information relevant to the buyer.

Another challenge is catching up with the newest trends. Since the fashion industry is always evolving, styles can become trendy or go out of fashion within weeks. This makes it hard to find and stock products that will sell the most. While anticipating trends accurately might not be possible, there are some steps that can help you make the optimal decisions.
Keeping track of Social Media, Competitors, and suppliers help you understand the trends from every perspective.

Much like how customers have changed their preferred mode of shopping, they have found newer preferences for brands and products as well. One such example is the rising favor for sustainable brands and apparel. This rising popularity of sustainable fashion has propelled many companies to adopt sustainable production practices.

The fashion industry has always pushed past the challenges by converting them into opportunities. The key is to embrace the challenges, figure out the possibilities and come up with innovative solutions. To learn more about the challenges in the apparel industry and their solutions check out Capbargain’s blog Newer Challenges in the Apparel Industry.
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