Everything you need to know before buying trucker caps

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Posted by capbargain from the Fashion/Accessories category at 17 Jun 2022 12:19:57 pm.
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Everything you need to know before buying Trucker caps

A trucker hat, sometimes called a mesh cap, is a type of headwear that comes with mesh back panels. Due to features like a curved brim and a button on the top, this cap variant looks much similar to the original headwear style from which it is derived - the baseball hats. But that is not to say that the trucker cap lacks features that elevate it as a standalone hat style. Here are the top features that make a trucker cap unique in its own way.

Breathable Mesh Back
Unlike typical baseball caps that use the same material for the entire crown, trucker hats have mesh-back panels that are made of polyester or nylon. The light mesh adds breathability to the cap and enables it to dry sweat faster from your head.

Adjustable Snapback Closures
Traditionally, trucker caps come with a plastic snapback closure that can easily be adjusted for any head size. This makes sure that the cap holds on firmly to your head even when you are engaged in intense physical activities or workouts.

Elevated front panel
The front panels of trucker caps are often filled with foam on the inside to give the crown a slightly elevated structure. The broad and roomy crown of trucker hats has made it a favorite of brands and businesses for creating custom promo caps and employee outfits.

Another reason why the trucker hat has been gaining much traction in the fashion world lately is the diversity of options. Based on the style preferences of your brand and your customers, you can choose mesh backed caps with 5 panels, 6 panes, camo prints, foam front panels, flat visors and so on. These caps can easily be dressed up or down for almost any occasion from work to parties.

You can wear a blank trucker hat as such, or embellish it with your logo or design. Here you have three options - flat embroidery, 3d embroidery, Digital Heat Transfer. For foam front trucker caps, DHT is the preferred method of decoration. However, both embroidery methods are excellent options for creating other trucker cap variants. To know more about trucker caps, their features, the best way to style them and decoration options, check out CapBargin’s blog Everything you need to know before buying trucker caps.
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