Full Home Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai UAE

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Posted by primo07 from the Home and Garden category at 14 Jun 2022 12:16:03 pm.
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Primo, among the top deep cleaning companies in Dubai, UAE. Get online and book our deep cleaning service with 20% off with 100% satisfied. We are Fully trained cleaners will start with dusting surfaces, removing cobwebs, scrubbing and mopping floors and counter tops, cleaning grout from tiled surfaces and even sanitizing switch panels and wall installations.
Overall sanitized
Deep cleaning of all the Rooms, Living areas
Full kitchen drawers, cabinets hygiene
Complete steam-cleaning of gas range steam oven, microwave and hood steam of small-large kitchen machines
Full steam clean refrigerator from inside and outside
Cleaning of the steam scrub sink of all sizes
Air vapor cleans windows frames, tracks
Rails washing & dusting
Mattress, Wardrobe Cleaning
Outdoor furniture cleaning
Exhaust fan cleaning, grout cleaning, floors, wall, and tiles
Table & chairs, wooden baseboard complete cleaning, polishing
Floors disinfection and steam wiped
Washroom baseboards, linear moldings sprinkled and ship-shape
Bathroom doormats, carpets, vacuum cleaning
Bath and shower doors scrubbing and sterilization
Scrub and clean silver/chrome plating metals
Toilet windows track steam washing
Washroom wall mirrors cleaning, drying & Floors cleaning, and sterilization
Spider traps insects removal
Lounge, living room carpets, curtains vacuum and gently washing
Lounge, drawing room baseboards, tiles, marbles, washing
Plane, and horizontal areas cleaning with a soggy cloth
Spotless furniture shining and household ornaments
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