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Posted by primo07 from the Home and Garden category at 13 Jun 2022 10:15:14 am.
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Primo is providing best Ac Duct Cleaning Services Dubai | Ac Duct Cleaning Company for Residential and Commercial places with 100% satisfied.
Regularly AC duct cleaning services for your air conditioning unit is necessary to keep it running efficiently and dust-free. Having a clean duct or coil will also prevent you from getting allergies and developing asthma. Experts say dust and dirt build-up on the heating coil can decrease its efficiency by up to 21%.

The dust in unclean ducts can contain over 1,000 dust mites, and up to 250,000 allergic dust, and insect fecal, etc. These can trigger nasal and respiratory symptoms in people with pre-existing allergies. Mold, which is also known to exacerbate allergies through released spores, can also build up in these ducts/coils.
Inefficient AC units consume more electricity to generate just enough cooling power for a comfortable indoor environment. This ultimately leads to higher energy usage and more expensive utility costs. Air duct & coil cleaning along with AC filter cleaning helps to make sure that the entire system is working optimally. We also give AC duct sanitization services.
Unclean AC ducts can also cause a foul smell in your space. Primo cleans your AC duct and uses a deodorizer to kill the bacteria that are causing the smell.
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