Lost Ark survey - The blood-drenched return of the ARPG

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Posted by MeadeDorian from the General category at 05 Jun 2022 06:18:16 am.
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Lost Ark's North American and European launch didn't go as planned. This prompted Amazon to give players three day free access to Crystalline Aura, which give the player 7,000 free games per minute, a pet that can repair or store objects, as well as allows players to recover the Life Energy 10 percent faster than normal, and many other things. While Amazon has kept its word, Lost Ark players in Europe have been experiencing unacceptably long queue times to connect to servers.

In an effort to fix this problem, Amazon and Smilegate introduced a Europe West Region. The problem with this is, however, the fact that the game currently does not offer players the ability to transfer their progress to another server.

If players decide to join a less popular server, they'll have start from scratch this is an extremely difficult job for an MMORPG that is as large as Lost Ark. The official Twitter account of the game added that expanding a server's capacity is currently not feasible and the addition of additional servers isn't likely owing to the complexities of the game's systems.

This is, unfortunately, it's not all players on European servers have encountered. It is good news that Smilegate as well as Amazon introduced an upgrade which has apparently resolved other issues European Lost Ark players have encountered.

This patch is believed to address issues with Lost Ark's top currency and cash shop, a glitch which prevented players from reclaiming the Royal Crystals at the Currency Exchange and also issues with the game's user interface as well as a glitch that affected the game's Northern Lawmaker skin.

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