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October 14 Zodiac Birthday Signs - Charming and well disposed, with a delicate and strong brain, you have a powerful urge for affection and fellowship. With your normal actual essentialness, you likely draw in much change and variety into your life and appreciate being dynamic. An aversion of disagreement or brutality infers that you are touchy to your current circumstance and need excellent and amicable environmental elements.

With the additional impact of your decanate ruler, Gemini, you are expressive and curious, versatile and adaptable. Articulate, with a wonderful voice, you are a decent conversationalist with a convincing way. Being a charmer, notwithstanding, you may sometimes find it enticing to remove the simple way from tough spots and advise individuals what they need to hear. In any case, you are friendly and nice, have an interest in human connections, and are typically adept at making contacts. With an affection for extravagance and easy street, you should, in all seriousness guard against social abundances or overindulgence in any structure.

Valuing variety and sound, you have intrinsic imaginative gifts that you might wish to create through music, workmanship, or dramatization. On the other hand, your normal marketing prudence can be extended and you might find yourself especially fortunate with ventures. Your sharp insight is probably going to keep you intrigued by continually investigating new ideas and testing your brains and knowledge. In spite of the fact that you might experience the ill effects of hesitation, when you have focused on something your power and assurance can be considerable.

From the age of nine, when your advanced Sun moves into Scorpio, you experience a developing accentuation concerning your craving for individual power and change. A defining moment happens at the age of 39, when your advanced Sun moves into Sagittarius, extending your point of view and showing that you might wish to grow your brain through new encounters, the investigation of reasoning and religion, or meeting unfamiliar individuals and visiting unfamiliar spots. After the age of 69, when your advanced Sun enters Capricorn, you become more logical, sensible, and organized.

With your outrageous responsiveness and striking creative mind, you can either be a visionary or departure into dream. An exceptionally instinctive side to your temperament might support an interest in enchantment or otherworldliness and can end up being an incredible resource in your dealings with others. In any case, you might need to make preparations for abusing your responsiveness through being dishonest or manipulative. Generally fortunate, you can continuously scrape by, yet by training your psychological potential, you can accomplish remarkable outcomes.

Having administration abilities and seeing the valuable open doors inside any circumstance, you can imagine something amazing and frequently prefer to face a challenge. You might track down most fulfillment, however, while passing on your insight, motivation, or extraordinary understanding to help other people.

Spica is one of the transcendent stars overhead and it is vital. This star presents trustworthiness and unforeseen turns of favorable luck. Spica additionally proposes refinement, interest in science, and love of culture and workmanship. Praises and wealth increment after your schooling is finished. Spica can likewise get achievement unfamiliar grounds, long journeys, and exchanging imports and commodities.

Connected to your Sun's certificate, Spica offers famous position, great social associations, progress in business endeavors, and a capacity to acquire from groundbreaking thoughts and innovations. You have great fixation, are natural, and have mystic capacities. Relationship with scholarly exercises and large associations can bring achievement. You appreciate managing the general population and can secure huge abundance, particularly from business undertakings.

• Positive: affordable, realistic, centered objectives

• Negative: too extreme, continually taking an alternate route, agitated mind

See Appendix for extra fixed star readings.

Work and Vocation

Responsive and enchanting, with a solid feeling of vision, you can make new ideas that can help you in vocations, for example, style and picture making or workmanship and plan. As a curious in dividable with an interest in friendly issues, you make a decent correspondent, writer, picture taker, entertainer, or movie producer. Your relational abilities and social mindfulness can likewise rouse you to seek after a vocation in training. Natural and touchy, you are otherworldly, with knowledge into individuals' requirements. These characteristics might attract you to the ministry or the clinical and elective mending callings. A pizazz for blending in with others likewise recommends that you can prevail in open office or in individuals related occupations.

Celebrities who share your birthday incorporate fashioner Ralph Lauren, writer eye. cummings, Quaker pioneer William Penn, U.S. president Dwight Eisenhower, Irish state leader Eatmon de Valera, artist Cliff Richard, entertainer Roger Moore, and entertainer Lillian Gish.


Scholarly potential, sober mindedness, and assurance are a portion of the characteristics related with the number 14 birthday. To be sure, as a number 14 individual, you oftentimes put your work first and judge yourself as well as other people based on profession accomplishments. Despite the fact that you want solidness, the fretfulness showed by the number fourteen urges you to continue onward or take on new difficulties in a steady endeavor to work on your parcel. This inborn anxiety and steady absence of fulfillment may likewise motivate you to make a large number changes in your day to day existence, particularly in the event that you are not content with your functioning circumstances or monetary status. With your keen psyche, you answer rapidly to issues and appreciate addressing them.

The sub impact of the number multi month shows that you are instinctive and optimistic, with a well disposed way. An ability to think twice about adjust to circumstances empowers you to make concordance and harmony. Being obstinate, then again, ordinarily makes conflicts and passionate pressure. In the event that you are not profession situated, you will put your significant investment in home and family.
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