How to Build a Carrier?

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Interviews form an important part in the career building process of an individual. That’s because, it's only after cracking them, that one is able to get a job and set out on the desired career path. Interviews assess various aspects of a job aspirant. Beginning from resume to the aspirants communication skills.
Therefore, job seekers need to be prepared on all these fronts.
TechAdvisor is a unique solution that focuses on all your interview preparation needs ranging from Resume Refining to Post-Interview Analysis and everything in between. Be a part of TechAdvisor and become hireable.
About TechAdvisor Programme
TechAdvisor helps candidates with resume correction and refinement. We pay special attention to your resume and see to it that you have a strong and effective resume. After all, an effective resume is half the battle won!
Apart from the correction and refinement part, TechAdviser would also ensure that your resume highlights key aspects such as your Project/Internship work experience, Strengths, achievements and Recognition etc. in a desired manner.
Making an impression with a winning resume is now made easy with TechAdviser!
Pre-Interview Preparation:
As a part of this, TechAdviser enlightens candidates with important aspects like recruiting company profile, what is the employer looking for in a candidate and other such important tips.
A confidence booster for you!
Post Interview Guidance:
In case you are not able to crack an interview, your dedicated Tech Advisor would sit with you and analyze things like where you fell short, your shortcomings and weaknesses and ways to improve them. This would help you to face your next interview in a better manner.
Remember, failure is the first step towards success! Enroll today inTechAdvisor - Carrier building program

What You Get

10 Job Opportunities Galore!
Dedicated TechAdvisor.
Preparation Process
Resume Rectification and Refining

Who is CRBtech?
CRBtech is known to be a premier training and career development company. Having an experience in this particular field for over 15 years, CRBtech's focus has always been to train engineers in domains such as Clinical Research, IT, Mechanical, Electrical etc. For the overall development of the candidate, we not only target the technical training part, but also cover soft skill development, foreign language coaching etc. These add-on skills facilitate 360° development of the candidates. Till date, we have taken 550+ sessions and placed them in various companies. We assist them to plan out their career path with a promising start in the industry. CRB Tech being a .NET Training Institute in Pune, boasts of a 500+ placement client base.

Does the TechAdvisor programme provide me with a job guarantee?
No. The TechAdvisor programme is meant to guide and mentor you to help you crack interviews.

What is the eligibility criteria for the TechAdvisor programme?
Candidates belonging to any domain apart from Clinical Research and SEO are eligible for this programme.

Will I be getting job opportunities based on my preferred location?
Yes. We will try our best to provide you with job opportunities in metro cities nearby to your location.

What if I do not get placed after the allotted 10 interview calls?
If you do not get placed after the 10 interview calls allotted to you, you can either go for our “job guarantee” training and placement programme or renew your TechAdvisor programme membership.

What kind of companies and profiles will I be getting job opportunities in?
TechAdvisor will provide you with job opportunities in MNC and MLC companies, based on your domain and skill-set.

When will I start getting interview calls?
Once you register for the TechAdvisor programme, you will start getting interview calls within 1 week.

What if I have work experience?
TechAdvisor provides interview opportunities for both freshers and to those candidates having a maximum of 1-2 years experience.

Is physical presence necessary to be a part of the TechAdvisor programme?
No. Your physical presence is not necessary. Your Tech Advisor will be in touch with you over the various electronic media channels.

When can I get in touch with my Tech Advisor in case of any queries?
You can get in touch with us during office hours.
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