How to Choose Best Resort for Holidays

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Posted by AarohamResortsShimla from the Travel category at 18 Apr 2022 06:55:32 am.
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With multiple resorts available in today’s world & so many different locations how does one choose? Knowing what you want and doing the research before booking are the key factors for a happy and safe travel. Eventually if you have already booked a resort, some fact findings can help you prepare for your trip and aware you to make the most of the resort and know what to bring further.
Sometimes, what seems like a good deal at first can turn into a regrettable disappointment, and once you have landed in a distant place it’s hard to do much about it. We’ve experienced all of these things and it’s not fun to be in an area that isn’t safe, a resort that has become rundown, or having to put up with mediocre food or unclean conditions.
Most reputable agencies will stand by their product and won’t purposely try to deceive you, but it is good to be informed. With the multitude of social media sites available for travelers nowadays it is almost impossible not to find reviews for just about any resort you might be considering.
Over the years and our experience through trial and error has led us to compile the following list of points to consider.
  1. Price isn’t the only criteria to decide- Consider a quality versus price ratio and base it on what is important to you. I would rather spend a little more to ensure a minimal level of comfort and cleanliness in the accommodation. Of course, one has to respect a budget, but we have sometimes tried to skimp and then arrived only to be disappointed.
  2. The Safety- You may feel more at ease knowing your passport, return tickets, jewels and extra cash are locked up while you are enjoying yourself at the tourist spot. Some resorts have safes in the room while others offer a central safety deposit box system. This also works but it is more inconvenient to have to make the trip back and forth to reception. This is usually listed on the resort website.
  3. Covid-19 Vaccinations & Protocols- On these days of pandemic, it is highly advisable to visit resorts where the entire staff is fully vaccinated and follow the usual protocols like face mask wearing, maintaining social distance, usage and availability of sanitizers and hand wash frequently in the vicinity, so on and so forth. These details are mentioned in the website and you should explore by making a call or mail. Remember health is wealth and it is the prime concern of your life.
  4. Cleanliness is important- It is always advisable to explore the cleanliness of the hotel before boarding. It is bit difficult to do, but it is manageable. Reading the reviews of existing customers in different websites and personally calling the hotel will give a slight insight of the cleanliness. You will feel comfortable and safe while exploring the positive response of cleanliness.
  5. Dining Variety- Choosing a resort with a variety of food venues is preferable to one with a single main buffet restaurant. Many offer à la carte dining or themed restaurants, which may have a small charge or a limited number of free reservations. If you are staying for a week or two, you will appreciate not eating the same thing over and over during your stay. Getting served at the table is a nice touch also, but don’t forget that tips are generally appreciated so bring along some small bills. If you do have a buffet only, it is wise to avoid ‘trying a bit of everything’ and instead focus on a few things and change it up on subsequent days. Some kitchens will cycle through a variety of offerings on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule, but this may only apply to the main course.
  6. Consider the size of the hotel– A large resort isn’t always better than a small or midsized one. More amenities like pools and restaurants will be available but at the expense of a more intimate setting where everything is close by and easily accessible.
  7. The time-spending in the room– If you plan on spending a lot of time in the room, choose a more luxurious resort and splurge on an upgraded suite or a view. Amenities like a mini-bar or mini-fridge, a coffee machine, complimentary Wi-Fi and a safe would be things you could appreciate. These are generally listed in the brochure. Call the hotel directly if you are unsure and these are important to you. If you plan to be out on excursions all day, your money on a mountain/ocean view room might be better spent elsewhere.
  8. Personal Toiletries- I like to use hair conditioner and have found that this is not always supplied even at luxurious resorts, so I bring my own. Many resorts will list popular or fancy products in their descriptions as a selling point so if not listed consider bringing what you need.
  9. Activities- Figuring out how you want to spend your precious vacation time will also define what type of activities the resort you choose should offer.
  10. Relaxing & Entertainment Activities- If you are looking for pool table, spa, tennis, cricket ground, gym, etc., then choose a resort with a good animation team, with daily activities like games, sports, dance classes, and so on. Some resorts even have elaborate evening entertainment like shows, dancing, or even casinos. If peace and quiet is what you’re looking for, pick a resort with minimal daily or nightly activities or get a room in a quite area of the resort to avoid the noise.
  11. Entertainment for kids- If traveling with young children look for a resort with a children’s play area and kiddy pool. Some even offer free stays or free meals for kids as well as day care, which might be nice for parents (or kids) in need of a break! Some resorts are adults only and this can be nice for those looking for peace and quiet.
  12. Travel/Commuting time– Picking a resort closer to the airport will avoid a long transfer and give you extra time at the hotel. Choosing one a bit further would let you see more of the location you’re visiting, but there is no guarantee of a scenic route even if your transfer is during the day. We generally don’t mind an hour or two but once it gets to a 3+ hour ride we get discouraged, especially when the return flight is in the morning and they want to get you to the airport 3 hours early.
  13. Eco-tours and local culture– If you’re interested about learning more about the people, the local way of life, or the fauna, see if the resort offers cultural excursions and eco-tours or even guided tours of the property. Venturing out on your own can be fun but make sure the area is safe or ask for a guide. A few cash (often only a tip) will buy you a guided tour and allow you to learn more about what you see and avoid trouble. You will also be encouraging a local and helping them practice a foreign language perhaps.

Interestingly, a completely delightful resort named Aaroham is available, which is a real blend of advanced facilities and luxurious cottages. It is well endowed in natural charm and undeniable cultural appeal that make this highly acclaimed resort at Dalhousie, Bhimtal, Dharmshala, Dalhousie, Luxury Cottages in Shimla & planning to launch at other locations as well. Aaroham is a unique place to stay with your families and friends. The landscape surrounding of this resort is absolutely breathtaking and awe-inspiring. It is well reasonable and pocket friendly, carries covid vaccinated staff with optimum followers of covid protocol. Aaroham resorts include bar, swimming pool, conference hall, recreational room, lawn, etc. in our vicinity. Pool table, Table Tennis, Badminton, Cricket, football, indoor games are also available here for your entertainment in totality. Basically it covers all of the above mentioned yardsticks and can be quoted as Best Resorts to Stay in Shimla, Dalhousie, Bhimtal & Dharmshala which is required for a happy and safe travel.
So, let’s explore the geography where you want to land up for your holidays, pack your bag packs, book tickets, plan your itinerary and choose Aaroham Resorts for a better retreat, happy and safe travel.

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