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The purpose of these homemade devices was to jam the signals from kamikaze drones, but the radio transmissions protecting the tanks could also...Read entire post
Posted on: 18 Sep 2023 03:24:17 am
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"The U.S. military has invested a lot of work over the past decade to improve the security of GPS," said James Lewis, a technology expert at the...Read entire post
Posted on: 15 Sep 2023 03:29:08 am
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We are convinced that this was an act of pure, unadulterated charity, uninfluenced by self-interest. Cellphone jammer maker CellAntenna Corp....Read entire post
Posted on: 14 Sep 2023 02:32:35 am
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The DroneGun interferes with robotic aircraft at a very safe distanceThere are a number of systems that can be used to shoot down wayward or dangerous...Read entire post
Posted on: 13 Sep 2023 02:37:08 am
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Will the next 9/11 be caused by drones? by jammer from the Seniors category
Twenty years after the worst attack to ever occur on U.S. soil, it's not just large, populated passenger planes that keep officials and experts...Read entire post
Posted on: 12 Sep 2023 02:48:09 am
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Drone GPS Failure: How It Works by jammer from the Seniors category
As drones rise, so does counter-drone technology. While there are a variety of potential drone defense solutions, including surveillance equipment...Read entire post
Posted on: 11 Sep 2023 03:43:17 am
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WashingtonCNN — Russia has been hindering US-created mobile rockets more frequently in Ukraine recently, using electronic jammers to overthrow...Read entire post
Posted on: 09 Sep 2023 03:00:29 am
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The Russian Navy has installed temporary GPS jammers on at least one of its warships ahead of a high-profile naval parade in St. Petersburg, according...Read entire post
Posted on: 08 Sep 2023 03:54:15 am
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New Delhi: The telecom department has warned e-commerce platforms not to sell some telecom equipment such as wireless jammer and network boosters...Read entire post
Posted on: 07 Sep 2023 03:34:23 am
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A resident of the town of Messanges in southwestern France could spend six months behind bars after unwittingly taking down telephony and mobile...Read entire post
Posted on: 06 Sep 2023 03:16:52 am
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