What are the preventive measures to treat the Noval corona Virus, COVID – 19?

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2020-04-11 00:11
Description : If you have a travel history across the most popular tourists spots, report to the concerned authorities and stay in isolation to check if you are infected
Once infected, the symptoms will emerge after the period of 14 to 20 days
Personal Hygiene
⦁ Wash your hands regularly with sanitizer
⦁ If you have symptoms of cold, fever and sneezing, make it a regular habit to wear face masks
⦁ Report the health issues to the nearby health campaign or hospital. Wait for the guidelines of a physician or a medical practitioner
⦁ Physicians always recommend to follow healthy food habits and consume the source of Vitamin and immunity boosters
⦁ Self isolate and wait until the symptoms recover.

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