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2019-06-20 19:49
Description : The eyewear industry has not changed in decades. A small group of companies control the market – everything from designs to prices. This leads to limited choices and high prices of products. Specscart was founded to change the traditional eyewear industry and transform consumer perception of eyewear from a necessary sight correction device, to a fast fashion accessory. Never before has the eyewear industry experienced such an extraordinary fusion of quality, variety and function. From developing a sophisticated yet simple portal to shop customisable eyewear, to dispatching prescription glasses in 24 hours, Specscart is on its way to achieve its vision. The startup also empowers the lower-end segment of consumers who were not being served adequately. They were forced to choose from a few plastic pairs with uncoated lenses due to lack of options. Today, anybody can pick quality glasses from Specscart with free coatings at a fraction of high-street costs.

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