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2023-01-12 05:06
Description : Sukhasana is a Sanskrit word in which sukha means 'bliss', and asana means 'yoga posture'. Sukhasana is a yoga practice whose main purpose is to provide concentration, stability, and peace of mind. It helps to stabilize the mind for the practice of meditation and samadhi and plays an excellent role in providing a comfortable and stable state to the body.
Sukhasana is very similar to Siddhasana, Padmasana, Vajrasana and Swastikasana.
If seen, this is the easiest yoga posture for meditation which can be done by people of any age group. Especially suitable for old age. Since the practice of this yoga gives relaxation to the seeker, it is also known as Aaram Mudra, Pleasant Mudra, or Gentle Mudra.The literal meaning of Sukhasana is to sit comfortably. Its regular practice also helps in awakening the chakras and kundalini.

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