This feature is available within Lost Ark's KR version of Lost Ark

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2022-05-23 16:44
Description : Once you've completed the "A Verdant Land" quest in your stronghold after which you'll be granted access to a portal which will lead you to a resource farm on your stronghold. This island will grow the materials you can trade for skills to harvest each day but there's a caveat: you cannot trade or sell items you've earned from this farm. You are only able to use them to craft. It also has unique materials that can be used to make chest bundles in your workshop. Crafted items made with these resources are able to be exchanged between players.

In addition, completing the quest "Ealyn's request" within north Vern will open Chaos Dungeons and, by extension the special missions you can undertake for your station. Special missions are just like regular station missions but they also grant endgame loot and replace an ordinary endgame game. For instance, a Chaos Dungeon special mission will grant Chaos Dungeon loot when completed alongside your typical station mission rewards. They count towards your daily limit for endgame (Chaos Dungeon resonance, Guardian Raid soul extractions and more).

This feature is available within Lost Ark's KR version of Lost Ark and might not be available in the version for the EU/NA version. We'll update this post once we have more information on this particular mechanic.

In the Korean client, strongholds may eventually be granted access to pets ranches that allow the conversion of pets to resource-based farmers. You can choose up to four pets that will be part of your ranch and create cookies over time. These cookies can be redeemed to a vendor to upgrade your pets , or to purchase new pets completely. Given the way that pets have changed between the KR and NA Versions in Lost Ark, this system isn't nearly as useful as it would be if it were carried between versions.
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