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2018-05-24 15:40
Description : Shah's Dental Serenity is a modern-age dental practice, based in the heart of Mumbai, offering complete and comprehensive family dental and oral health care ranging from Dental Implants to the best braces treatment in Mumbai.

We take pride in using high quality, international standard, state of art dental products and materials, including strict sterilization & infection control protocols. Our clinic is ISO 9001: 2008 certified by USAC (United States Accreditation Centre) quality management system, ensures you a clean and safe environment for your dental treatment. Having an ultra-modern setup and use of advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques, we provide services of the entire spectrum of all the dental specialties under one roof. Team consist of the best dental surgeons in mumbai.

We believe achieving a healthy, beautiful smile can be a life-changing event for anyone from children to adults. Here at Shah's Dental Serenity, we've built our practice on the idea that everyone deserves the satisfaction and confidence that comes with an amazing smile.

A team of energetic and skilled dental experts forms the backbone of our practice. Our team of dental specialists in various dental specialties understands each patient's specific needs and goals in order to create the most beautiful smile possible.

Our team's years of clinical experience and knowledge of the newest treatment techniques and technologies gives our patients the best. From custom-designed treatment plans to flexible payment options to meet different budgets, we are truly a patient-centered practice.

Services :

Interested to explore which types of dental services are popular in India? Do read on to find out more.

Dental Implants
An implant is an artificial root tooth but with the same appearance and strength of a natural tooth. An opening is drilled into the gums directly above/below the missing tooth. The gap is then filled with a metal implant that acts as the root for the crown (an artificial tooth).

Crown and bridges
These options help to improve the structural integrity of weakened teeth. An artificial crown is placed over the weak tooth to impart structural strength as well as proper shape.

Cosmetic Veneers
If you are troubled by the sight of unattractive tooth then you can opt for cosmetic veneers. These wafer-thin shells coat the surface and offer immediate enhancement of the teeth.

Clear Aligners/Invisible braces
You need not worry about misplaced and malaligned teeth ruining your facial appeal. For uneven sized teeth or improperly shaped teeth, you can rely on getting orthodontic treatment carried out. With the use of aligners, the problems with improper teeth shape or overlapping teeth can be resolved with great effect without anyone noticing your braces.

Teeth whitening
The teeth surface is stained over time by food and beverages like coffee and tea. Address this issue and get a radiant set of pearly whites with teeth whitening treatment carried out by dentists in India.

Root Canal
You can opt for root canal treatment when the tooth decay has reached the blood supply and nerves linked to the tooth. Here, the minimally invasive procedure cleans up the nerves and ensures better tooth protection.

If you have lost a set of teeth due to injury or old age, a denture can be a feasible solution to let you smile with confidence.

Tooth colored fillings
Fillings help close gaps in the teeth which would otherwise breed bacteria. A new age dental clinic in India will provide natural color shade on fillings instead of the traditional metal colored fillings

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