would lead to bigs being busted differently.

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2020-08-27 15:34
Description : Thank you. I will not eliminate you post for today because you put a good deal of work to it, please recall for the next moment. Also you might want to add these thoughts. Vote to kick like six siege since in rec, there's always this one arbitrary on my group who only stops playing defense since he's not getting enough touches.

I've run into a few men that do it, but I have also seen guys in squads suspend the random(so ) they got paired with. If you are intentionally not giving somebody the ball since they're not your buddy, particularly when they're open, then you deserve to get sold, Because you are selling them. This but squads have to match up with other squads. 2K has a large enough player base that meh squads should match up with meh squads within their region, not contrary to god squads.

You need to have posted this back in nov/December 2019 if they start making next years. True, but they still make changes to games while they're outside, so that I do not believe anything on the list is so mad that it couldn't be done in the 6 months prior to the next one comes out. It is also more of a discussion post than something that I anticipate 2K to do. If not how are you not conscious of 2K's strict resiliency to fixing any problems that are gameplay in the very same years version of 2K. They're like madden in their own ability to discover every excuse to not fix gameplay problems.

If it wasn't implemented as an idea b4 they began the new dev cycle it wont get additional. You search at all the and can see the proof in this history just search wishlist in the search bar. Since 2K20 has been released they've took out the behind the trunk, buffed badge progression, nerfed pro-am rep to make it equal to park, altered gameplay rate several times, changed center rate, enhanced rec matchmaking, buffed and nerfed on ball steals. Most of the changes I have proposed is of similar problem and they have time to do them. Things like mycareer probably are not realistic in this time frame, but most the list isn't unreasonable. They've the time, although I really don't believe they'll do them since I do not think that they care.

Against is #9. I believe they need to make myCareer player, or even split it to be OR play that is offline. I would rather a well developed story through the conclusion of this season, or gameplay very similar to a older 2K where you play highlight games or games against celebrity players. Or even a mode. I'd rather have the ability to create a character with stats and badge not being limited just because it'll break multiplayer. Allow us to separate it, if you wan na t cover badges and attributes for internet play that's fine ( would lead to bigs being busted differently )

There are many more I want to tell you, but time is limited. These views and ideas are all from this website, if you are interested, you can browse them in detail. URL: https://www.mmoexp.com/Nba-2k21/Mt.html

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