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This session will explore why WordPress sites get hacked, how you know you have been hacked, what are the implications of a hack, and what are some of your options to fix your hacked site. It will also look at both simple and more complex solutions to reduce your risk to your WordPress website so you never face a similar night of horror.
Posted By : peter88
In this talk, I discuss the roadmap of a typical WordPress site getting “hacked”. From start to finish, we look at how victims can be identified, how sites are breached, how persistent backdoors are established, and how the attackers will exploit the compromised site. I avoid getting too overtly technical in my descriptions, instead opting to focus on the mindset and overall process of the attack. This enables less-technical website owners to get a stronger conceptual grasp of what exactly goes on during a breach. It can be overwhelming for inexperienced webmasters to adequately defend against a threat they don’t understand. This talk defines these threats in a concrete way, which is much more compelling than the nebulous concept of “hackers” in general. Viewers leave the room empowered to take a proactive outlook on the security of their web presence.
Posted By : moviegoer