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19 Views 13-Year-Old Daughter Confronts City Attorney For Lying To Her Face About Child Abuse!
Sophia Valenti accuses City Attorney Mara Elliott of lying to her about why she refused to investigate the child abuse cover up at Junior Theatre. "I couldn't believe the woman speaking to me, LYING to me, was none other than the City Attorney, a leader I thought I could look up to."
Post date : 2019-05-24 23:36 Posted by : peter88
13 Views Heartbreaking Pictures Show Migrant Children Sleeping On The Ground At Border Patrol Station!
Photos obtained exclusively by CNN show migrants at the McAllen, Texas, Border Patrol station over the weekend, many of whom are children, sleeping on the ground on rocks and covered by Mylar blankets. A baby bottle filled with milk can be seen in one photo next to a child sleeping outside on dirt, and in another, a woman is seen sitting on rocks leaning against a wall clutching a child. In others, migrants are seen seemingly wandering the premises, which has four temporary tents to accommodate the swell of migrants approaching the US-Mexico border. One photo shows an agent holding a megaphone in a sea of migrants outside of the station. The photos came from a source who has access to the facility and was disturbed by the conditions over the weekend. Customs and Border Protection has confirmed the images are of the McAllen border station. "Nobody, no matter who you are, where you are from should spend an hour like this. This is the United States of America. Not in our country," the source, who has seen the conditions firsthand, said.
Post date : 2019-05-24 23:52 Posted by : peter88
13 Views One Crash & Your Mail Gone: Self-Driving Trucks Begin Mail Delivery Test For U.S. Postal Service!
The United States Postal Service is conducting a pilot program in which letters and packages will be transported between two cities using custom Peterbilt trucks developed by self-driving startup TuSimple. The pilot, which will run for about two weeks, will consist of five round trips between Phoenix and Dallas. The first haul is leaving Phoenix this morning according to Bloomberg.
Post date : 2019-05-24 23:34 Posted by : peter88
11 Views Gun Owner Charged After An 8-Year-Old Found The Weapon & Accidentally Shot His Mother!
A Tennessee mother was hospitalized in critical condition after her 8-year-old son accidentally shot her at a college baseball game.
Post date : 2019-05-24 23:47 Posted by : peter88
11 Views Shocking simulation reveals what would happen if 500km-wide ASTEROID hit Earth
A shocking simulation has revealed what would happen if an enormous asteroid collided with Earth - and it’s not a pretty picture. The simulation was created by the Discovery Channel back in 2008, but has been recirculating on Twitter this week. It imagines what would happen if a 500km-wide asteroid struck the Pacific Ocean. Shortly after the impact, a huge 10km area of the Earth’s crust peels off the surface, before a shockwave travels at hypersonic speeds.
Post date : 2019-05-24 23:49 Posted by : peter88
11 Views Cafeteria Worker Fired For Giving Free Lunch To A Student Who Couldn't Afford It!
A company has offered to rehire a New Hampshire school cafeteria worker whom it fired for giving a student lunch for free, but she isn't interested. Bonnie Kimball said she was terminated March 28 by Fresh Picks, a vendor that supplies food to the Mascoma Valley Regional High School in Canaan. It came a day after she gave lunch to a student, even though he couldn't pay for it.
Post date : 2019-05-24 23:39 Posted by : peter88
11 Views South African Man Double Leg Drop Kicks Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Back at the Arnold Classic in S. Africa
A video has surfaced of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is currently in Sandton for the Arnold Classic Africa, being kicked in the back at the Sandton Convention Centre. The video, which is circulating on social media, shows how Schwarzenegger was watching a rope-skipping competition when he was approached to take a video of the children skipping. Schwarzenegger obliges and is filmed as he gets up from his seat and then takes a video of the children while speaking into the phone camera. A man can be seen lurking behind him and it seems that he is pulled away by what appears to be Schwarzenegger’s security team. Just as Schwarzenegger hands over the phone on which he was taking his video, the man returns again, runs up, jumps up and kicks Schwarzenegger in the back. Schwarzenegger tumbles forward into a crowd of people while the man who kicked him is held down by security. Shortly afterwards, Schwarzenegger takes his seat by the side of the court again, seemingly unharmed by the incident, but a short while later he and his team get up from their seats and move through the convention centre, which is where the video ends.
Post date : 2019-05-24 23:40 Posted by : peter88
11 Views Teen's Organs Donated After He Dies in 'Choking Challenge'
A teenage boy, who lost his life while doing a social media challenge, was given a hero's salute as he was taken into surgery to donate his organs. Mason Bogard's family said he participated in what's known as the "Choking Challenge." It encourages people to cut off their own air supply until just before they become unconscious. Mason was found unresponsive in his room on May 1 and was later declared brain dead. InsideEdition.com's Mara Montalbano has more.
Post date : 2019-05-24 23:43 Posted by : peter88
10 Views 'Magaluf Prostitutes Forced To Work By Voodoo Threats To Satisfy Brit Tourists'
Callous sex traffickers in Benidorm and Magaluf are forcing women to work 14 hour days as prostitutes by threatening them with voodoo, it is claimed. A report by The Sun says women as young as 17 are forced to meet demand from holidaying Brits in both party destinations. They are said to be groomed in Benin City, Nigeria, where they are promised a better life in Spain. Women living in poverty are targeted by an organisation headed by three women, who reportedly threaten them and their families if they do not obey. Some of the women are subjected to terrifying voodoo rituals and threatened with death if they do not go along with the traffickers' demands. Following a number of arrests, a police source told the newspaper of the horrific fate awaiting women when they arrive in tourist hotspots.
Post date : 2019-05-24 23:46 Posted by : peter88
10 Views Woman Gets 15 Years In Prison For Posing As A Sherif To Get Boyfriend Freed From Jail!
An Arkansas woman has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for posing as a sheriff's deputy to trick authorities into releasing her boyfriend from jail, officials said. Maxine Feldstein, 30, pleaded guilty Monday to forgery, being an accomplice to escape and criminal impersonation in the second degree after helping her boyfriend escape the Washington County Detention Center in July 2018.
Post date : 2019-05-24 23:38 Posted by : peter88
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