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Leeds 'riot': Police van on fire as bricks thrown at officers in 'utter chaos'- Comment

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Post date : 2019-09-21 22:29
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A police van has been set on fire while youngsters pelt bricks at officers amid reports of a riot in a Leeds street.

People in the Halton Moor area have reported scenes of 'utter chaos' in what appears to be a large-scale disturbance with 'violent clashes showing no sign of stopping'.

Police have told people in the area to stand back because there is "riot with people throwing bricks" at the other side of the cordon, Leeds Live reports.

Dozens of police in riot gear have been seen at the edge of a large cordon around the street with reports of around 100 youngsters throwing bricks at officers.

A dramatic photograph shows a police van engulfed in flames with plumes of thick grey smoke rising from it. It was later towed away from the residential street.

Reports claim youngsters were chasing three other police vans, launching bricks at them in the incident this evening.
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