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15-year-old on a motorcycle accidentally accelerates into a train, loses his legs- Comment

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Post date : 2019-08-06 02:28
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Information about this video
A ride on a scooter turned into a disability for a 15-year-old resident of Belarus, who was driving a freight train while driving his scooter. The surveillance camera recorded a terrible accident.

The accident occurred about half past five on August 1 in Shklov, in the Mogilev region. The footage shows how a teenager goes around a wagon standing at the crossing and drives up to the freight train, trying to stop the scooter. He failed to do this, and after a second the schoolboy was under the wagons.

The boy survived, but lost both legs. He is currently in serious condition in a hospital. What caused the accident - inexperience of the driver or vehicle breakdown, remains to be found out by inspectors.
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