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Groom-to-be left red-faced on stag do after wife packs 'surprise' in his case- Comment

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Post date : 2019-06-24 02:07
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A groom-to-be was left wanting the ground to swallow him up after his fiancée left a raunchy surprise in his suitcase.

The unnamed man had arrived at Luton Airport in London, heading to Ibiza with a group of friends for his stag do .

But the party was held up when security insisted on checking the groom's baggage.

Red-faced, the groom-to-be realises he has been stitched up when the security guard opens up his case and pulls out a water bottle with a gimp mask and a sex toy strapped to it.

Airport rules state that any liquids must be taken out of cases and placed in clear plastic bags to be scanned before a passenger boards a flight.

Anyone who doesn't comply has to have their bags and cases thoroughly unpacked and checked by security guards.
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