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World's fattest boy weighs 31 STONE aged just 10 and eats food of four adults- Comment

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Post date : 2019-05-28 01:39
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The world's fattest boy weighs 31 stone at just 10-years-old - and will have to undergo weight loss surgery in order to save his life.

Mohammed Arbrar, from Pakistan, struggles to stand after regularly scoffing meals meant to feed four adults.

Despite weighing just 8lb at birth, his parents say they were stunned when he began gaining weight rapidly - and tipped the scales at three stone when he was just six months old.

His doctors say he is the fattest boy in the world - weighing even more than Indonesian Arya Permana, who hit headlines when he was revealed to weigh 29 stone three years ago.

His parents, who have two other healthy children, say they had never heard of obesity.
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