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Death row: Notorious serial killer and man who wiped out family to be executed- Comment

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Post date : 2019-05-26 02:22
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A notorious serial killer who terrorised a Florida city and a murderer who wiped out an entire family are set to be executed in the US this month.

Scotty Morrow, 52, was put to death by lethal injection on Thursday for fatally shooting his ex-girlfriend and her friend in front of his former partner's five-year-old son.

Following Morrow's execution, three more death row prisoners are set to be put to death this month, including two in one evening.

One is a man who used a large plastic bag to kill his wife, another is a man who helped to murder a family of four - including two young girls whose throats' were slashed - and the third is a notorious serial killer who preyed on women and girls.

In a final interview, one of the men said he is "too blessed to be stressed" about being executed.

Here is a look at their cases.
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