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Sad: Mother Dies From Cancer Leaving Behind 11 Children!- Comment

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Post date : 2019-04-24 01:11
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A family of 11 children just lost their mom to stage 4 breast cancer and have to bury her. But now they also have to look after the little ones in their family as well, and with the oldest become something like parents themselves.

Rashida would die that morning. Her heart stopped. The children she loved need to grieve, but they also need to bury her, and feed and take care of themselves. "We're battling with the financial problems right now," Tamera said.

"And considering that school is still in, we have to pick up the pieces where our mom left off at. Right now we're on our own." Rashida also had three grandchildren, one on the way and a nephew she was caring for before she passed.
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