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Paradise fire: Hundreds trapped across California as blaze swells to 17,000 acres- Comment

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Post date : 2018-11-10 00:44
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A giant fast-moving 'tornado fire' has trapped hundreds of people in their homes, cars and even the basement of a hospital in California.

Police are attempting to launch mass evacuations for thousands across an area called Paradise in Butte County, with some having to be pulled out of cars and shelters, reports say.

The blaze has spread up to 17,000 acres, according to local reports.

Drivers are filming horrific scenes of the flames licking close to the edges of roads as they try to make their escape- with reports saying hundreds of vehicles are being 'overrun by fire'.

Other reports claimed 150 people on foot were trapped, and firefighters reportedly estimated up 50 people were stuck in just one hospital.

One man took to Twitter to say his "mother is trapped with other drivers" on one road - with "houses burning nearby".

He reported people were abandoning their vehicles and running for their lives "with their children and pets".

Another local reported that they had heard about four people "trapped in a basement at the hospital" as the "fire is too big they can't get out".

And another described the fire as "burning very erratic throughout the town".
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