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Moment out-of-control scooter rider screams as she plows into garden hedge- Comment

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Category : CCTV
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Post date : 2018-06-06 00:25
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Information about this video
This is the moment an out-of-control scooter plows into a hedge in a residential neighbourhood in Hamilton, New Zealand.

The CCTV footage, captured on June 1 by a security camera installed by the property owner of the hedge, shows a 100c scooter driving at high speed and inexplicably crashing into a hedge situated at the side of the road.

In the footage, the female scooter rider can be heard screaming as she disappears behind the photinia hedge after losing control.

The owner of the surveillance footage writes: ‘’It's hard to say what might have gone through this woman's mind in the moments leading up to this incident."

According to the property owner, the female scooter driver was in her forties and was driving an unlicensed and "unroadworthy" vehicle.

The property owner wrote later online: "After checking she wasn't seriously injured or dead, I proceeded to inform her of my displeasure.

‘’She did apologise and returned with her now non-functional vehicle to her abode."
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