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Brutal attack: Victim beaten to death- Comment

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Post date : 2018-06-06 00:08
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Information about this video
CCTV from Bratislava, Slovakia.

05.26.2018 04:35 am. Juraj Hossu /28/ harrased two womans, Henry /36/ was defending his friends. And there the starts:

00:12 Juraj, who is almost twice big as Henry, punched him to face. Henry is falling to the ground. After while Henry is trying to stand up, suddenly came kick to the head. Henry is unconscious.

00:19 Woman who is friend of Henry is trying to help him.Juraj is preventing woman to help Henry.

00:27 Juraj is taking photo of unconscious Henry to his mobile. Woman is still trying unsuccessfully help to Henry.

00:31 Juraj kicks Henry and discovers that Henry's unconscious. Then Juraj slapped in the face Henry.

00:46 Some bystander come and push Juraj from unconscious Henry. Other people is trying to help Henry.

04:06 First police patrol is on scene. Juraj is arrested by patrol.

07:01 Policeman is starting performing CPR.

08:44 Second police-patrol came.

11:38 Ambulance came and medic continues with performing CPR

Juraj was arrested and taken into prelimenary police custody. Henry was in critical state taken to the hospital.

Prosecutor was againts police custody agreement, and after that Juraj was released with accusation of serious harm to health. This information raised a wave of protests in public.

05.31.2018 Henry died in hospital.

06.01.2018 Juraj was again arrested by police and was accused of killing.

06.06.2018 Court decided that Juraj will be taken into custody. When journalists were asking him why he did that, his answer was: "I do not remember what happend and kicks were not intentional. I'm so sorry about that." Henry was originally from Philippines and was working in IBM. Juraj is from Dunajska Streda town, his photo is bellow. There are some clues that he is supporter of far-right oranisations, and there is reasonable suspicion that this attack could be mottivated.
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