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TRYING TO SELL MOVIE TICKETS! Racist Director Spike Lee Claims Pres. Trump Didn't Denounce the Klan, BUT HE DID!

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Post date : 2018-05-16 23:33
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Spike Lee is well known for his blatant racism against white people, Latinos, and even Black people whom outsell him such as Tyler Perry, who he once labeled a "coon" for releasing funny movies that don't focus on race relations. Now he's releasing a new movie and trying the same old line, America is racist, and so is the President... The Problem is, his claim is a flat out lie as you can see in the video.

The sad reality is that in the movie, Spike Lee apparently uses the claim that Pres. Trump NEVER Denounced the Klan, the problem is, he did. More racist propaganda from failed movie directors trying to stir more racism in America.
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