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Stunning vision of whales in Sydney Harbour- Comment

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Post date : 2017-05-21 18:39
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Stunning photos of a pair of humpback whales have emerged from a recent Sydney Harbour tour depicting the magnificent mammals in their full glory. Delighted tourists were treated to a remarkable display from the whales - which has been hailed the best in 10 years - as their boat toured around the harbour entrance in search of the gentle giants. The huge animals didn't disappoint as they leaped into the air between North Head and South Head as eager onlookers were at the ready with their cameras on Sunday. Around 50 sightseers were lucky enough to witness the rare phenomenon of a double breach - where two whales simultaneously leap out of the water. Some were lucky enough to capture the perfect shot, with the picturesque backdrop of Sydney's city and harbour in the background. Tour organisers Whale Watching Sydney expressed their delight on Facebook after suggesting the sightings so early in the season were a moment to savor. 'I'm a little speechless here, second day of the season and we are already seeing double breaches. Quite the afternoon we had,' the tour company commented online. Jonas Liebschner of Whale Watching Sydney, who took the remarkable photos, told Daily Mail Australia the sightings were extremely rare. 'In 10 years of doing this work in Sydney Harbour that's the best double breaching photo I've seen.' 'In a season, you will normally see it happen probably twice, so for it to happen so early in the season, it's special,' he added.
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