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Angry driver left red-faced when he forgets to put handbrake on

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Username : peter88
Category : Comedy/Funny
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Post date : 2017-05-19 19:04
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Information about this video
An angry motorist who stepped out of his car to confront a driver blocking a country lane was left red-faced - when his vehicle started rolling backwards. The hilarious dashcam footage, which was uploaded by YouTube user Brett Seedhouse, shows what appears to be a truck travelling down a narrow road. As the vehicle approaches a junction, the passage is blocked by an oncoming car, leading to a stand-off between the two motorists. Seemingly enraged, the man in the car gets out to confront the truck driver, forgetting to put the handbrake on. As he emerges from the car, the vehicle rolls back towards the junction, inadvertently making way for the truck. The frantic driver runs alongside the vehicle, eventually managing to scramble back into the moving vehicle. But whether he was able to stop the vehicle in time is unclear, as the truck driver happily presses on and turns down another road. The video, which was uploaded in March, has clocked up over 30,000 views. It is unclear where the incident happened.
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