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Republican gets physically assaulted during town hall meeting in North Dakota- Comment

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Post date : 2017-05-14 19:17
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After months of George Soros plants invading Republican town hall meetings over health care, and various other issues, the liberal jihad came to a head when an unhinged liberal, calling himself a 'constituent', physically attacked a congressman in North Dakota.

Rep. Kevin Cramer held a town hall Thursday when a man got in his face and hit every liberal talking point,

The man was yelling at Rep. Cramer, "Will the rich benefit from, if the health care is destroyed, do the rich get a tax break? Yes or no?" He then shoved cash into the congressman’s collar, saying, "There you go, take it."

The man was then escorted out by security.

Fake news aficionados, CNN anchor Poppy Harlow described the scene as, "This man showing his disgust with the Congressman’s support of tax cuts for the wealthy, one part of the GOP plan right now."

Well isn't that quaint.
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