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Uncle of murder victim pulls out gun mid-interview, opens fire outside Athens court

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Post date : 2017-05-13 18:04
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The relative of a murder victim was speaking to television reporters on camera, when he pulled out a gun and fired in the air, following the postponement of a hearing at the Athens Court of Appeals, Friday. Manolis Vourvahakis, uncle of murder victim Marios Papageorgiou (Greek): "I want to say something. Mario's story has touched me a lot. Justice does not exist. I feel that we will grow old, we will die and we will not find him [Manolis Papageorgiou's body]. Our mother is asking us to go there where we have to, because there are a lot of criminals. Unfortunately they are everywhere and around us. Unfortunately. But God has a different opinion. [Fires gun]. Calm down, calm down, calm down." Manolis Vourvahakis, uncle of murder victim Marios Papageorgiou (Greek): "I'm in the mood to kill myself, not in this way, but as it should be. Not like that. These are shameful things."
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