Can I make yogurt using only reconstituted powdered milk?

Post date: 2018-10-07 11:55:11
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Looking for anyone with first-hand experience of doing this to tell me whether it'll work, and whether it'll taste good enough to actually eat.

I'm trying to cut down on single-use plastics consumption. I get through a lot of single-serve yoghurt pots, so I thought about getting a yogurt maker with nice glass pots instead, but then realised it wouldn't help, as I'd still have to buy the milk in plastic bottles. (I live in a big new build block of flats where there's no way I can get a doorstep milk delivery, which is the only way to get milk in glass bottles where I live).

Then it occurred to me to wonder if I could use powdered milk, made up. It'd be cheaper, easier to store and carry home from the shops, and would use way less plastic per pint.

Will it work?

Will it taste awful?

I've found one or two articles online that suggest it might be a go-er, but they alone are not quite enough to convince me to shell out on the yogurt maker (most search results just refer to adding a little powdered milk to yogurt made with the regular stuff, to thicken it, rather than using only the powdered stuff).

Does anyone have first hand experience?

I'm in the UK, FWIW, if anyone's recommending things to buy to assist in my quest.
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