Ultrawide monitor - Keyboard shortcuts for L/R/Ctr?

Post date: 2018-10-07 15:02:40
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On my prior 20" screen, I would use keyboard shortcuts all day long to move windows to the left or right of my screen (Windows Key + LeftArrow or RightArrow). Now I wish for shortcuts to snap things to L/R/Center. Can it be done?

I recently purchased this LG ultrawide 34" monitor for use with my laptop. Love the wide screen, and having multiple windows visible. But I'm not sure how best to move things to the correct spot on the screen. I use assistive technology, which for me includes frequent keyboard shortcuts and Dragon voice recognition, minimizing mouse use. So I want to be able to move things around without using the mouse to drag windows here and there, and I'd like one screen regularly in the center.

Other points:
* I downloaded the LG software called OnScreen which lets me put things in L/R/Ctr, but only with a mouse. LG tech told me there's no keyboard way to use that functionality. Can I set up a custom keyboard shortcut for it though?

* I found this video of someone using displayfusion (SLYT). Is this the kind of thing I might be interested in?
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