Double dipping dirty dishes

Post date: 2018-10-07 16:10:01
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If I dump a yogurt container full of soup into a pot, can I store my new, zombie leftovers in that selfsame without washing it?

I dump an already reused container of liquid into a pot, add stuff to make dinner, and then transfer the leftovers into that container, pop it in the fridge, and don't die of food poisoning, right?
Assume I'm terrible and just leave the container rinsed poorly and sitting either empty on the counter or full of water in the sink. The container, if rinsed, is certainly still semicoated with grease and bits. Assume also that I've likely added meat or fish to the mix.
I do this all the time, but a houseguest expressed polite horror ("dude that's a fucking food poisoning love motel") and I share their sentiments, now that I think about it. Assume finally that I very rarely serve the immunocompromised, so just general practice.
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