How to ask for soft, comfortable t-shirt material?

Post date: 2018-10-06 00:37:02
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I'm in charge of our branded company t-shirts this year. In the past they've always been extremely scratchy and uncomfortable (in my opinion). But I'm told we've always ordered the most expensive kind. (From Fruit of the Loom.) What should I look or ask for, to get a t-shirt that's a pleasure to wear? I'm willing to consider a different manufacturer (we're UK-based).

I've looked at the label on some of my t-shirts that I love. They're all 100% cotton. Is that all that matters? Or are there other properties to look for? Unfortunately I don't have an example of our old company t-shirts to compare, as I've gotten rid of them. T-shirts I love just feel really soft, whether the fabric is thick or thin. I prefer thick fabric, but thin is OK too. How do I find out if a custom t-shirt manufacturer can supply a shirt that'll feel comfortable?
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