How universal is the concept of "calling dibs?"

Post date: 2018-10-06 00:49:58
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I'm curious about the idea of calling dibs, what other international words there might be for it, and what variations there might be on the concept.

In the US, especially in childhood and in the workplace I think, the idea is pretty sacred. If I called dibs the front seat before my siblings, it was mine and that was that, unless Mom or Dad intervened. If Sally calls dibs on the last chocolate donut before she goes to make more coffee, but Kate eats it anyway, Kate is a major jackass, and everyone in the office thinks so.

I think that this basic idea must be pretty universal, because it contributes to an orderly society, but I could be wrong on that. What different words are used to make the claim, how much is it followed into adulthood or is it just a childhood thing? Are there different settings where it's more respected or not?
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