Why am I suddenly a hot job prospect?

Post date: 2018-10-06 05:01:23
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Over the years I'd gotten used to a steady drumbeat (say one every two weeks) of recruiters mailing or calling to say they'd found my resume, blah, blah, blah. Ten months ago I disabled all (I think) of my job site accounts, and contacts slowed to a trickle. Two weeks ago, it all went nuts.

I'm suddenly getting two contacts a day from a mix of corporate and independent recruiters. All of it is for technology I trained on last year (so basically the last resume I produced). It really is quite out of the blue.

Is this a hiring cycle thing? People trying to fill seats while they've got the budgets? Or is there some master clearinghouse of resumes mine ended up in?

If anyone can provide some insight I'd be happy to receive it.
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