Post date: 2018-08-10 10:06:54
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I have long, thick, wavy hair with lots of potential. Help me style it so that it looks beautiful every day. Something like this or this.

Thick, glossy, non-frizzy hair that moves (and can be touched/flipped around) is what I'm after.

First off: I'm not asking how to get this look with minimal work. I'm ok with putting in the work - I need to know what the work is, and if there are some tips/tricks I don't know about! (Also, assume a good haircut to begin with).

Right now I can't achieve this look without a thorough blowout, and then some work with either a flat or curling iron. I'm ok with doing that if that's the answer, but are there better products or techniques out there?

Basically if you style your hair like this every day, I'd like to know your routine, tools, and products. Do you wash at night? How often? What do you use in between? Specific blowdrying and styling techniques are definitely also welcome!
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